Yoke Lore Custom Art

“To yoke is to bind. And to tell about a binding is to participate in the mythological. The esoteric development of one of us depends on all of us. We live in concert. I write songs about a personal kind of maturation because I believe the more  specific a story is, the more universal the experience becomes. Drawing for me is part of making life specific. It is primitive. It comes from the gut. Its gives me another tactile way to bring things to life. Using my hands to organize space into meaning. I want to make this an aspect of Yoke Lore. I hope you enjoy the quieter side of my explorings.”

— Adrian Galvin

One-of-a-kind drawing by Adrian Galvin, delivered digitally + on a 5x7” canvas - $300

15 minute Skype session with Adrian to discuss your piece (before he makes it) - $100

Please allow up to 90 days for digital delivery after payment.

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Yoke Lore Art Pieces available for purchase

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